In Italy, Mistrà is certainly Pallini's most famous product and a true icon of Italy

      Walk around the drinking establishments of Rome and you'll spot it behind every bar you'll even see it painted on the walls of buildings. Speak to an Italian about Mistrà Pallini, and most of them will even be able to sing the jingle from the TV and radio campaign way back in 1988! Made from the essence of seven types of aniseed, Mistrà is 100% natural and triple distilled to give it its super-dry finish. One of the most refreshing drinks around, it can be drunk in a number of different ways - neat, with ice, diluted in water, in juice and in coffee. In fact, in bars and coffee houses from Milan to Palermo it's added daily to espressos to enhance its flavour. Mistrà is also an excellent ingredient when making cakes and biscuits, giving them a unique anise taste.